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“Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.”

-Alfred Austing

About Us

At Fiddler’s Green, we believe that a landscape is more than just a surface level aesthetic. It is a dynamic and connected ecosystem that begins with healthy soil.

We are not your conventional landscape company. We challenge these traditional and unsustainable landscape perceptions and practices (Why do we continue to wage war on dandelions? They are actually an amazing plant).

We apply our philosophy of organic land care to every project. It’s in our commitment to organic cultivation practices; our dedication to low emission equipment and vehicles; and in our determination to bring the vista of your imagination to life without increasing your ecological footprint.

Erin started Fiddler’s Green landscaping with her pup Luna in 2006 in Victoria BC. She has taken several courses through GAIA college, including organic master gardener and ecological landscape design. However, nothing replaces hands on learning and you learn something new every day! Now settled in the beautiful Okanagan valley, she continues her work of bringing people and nature closer together.

She works closely with her husband’s company Built to a Tee Construction. Their main focus is building energy efficient homes with SIP walls and solar panels. They also do renovations, additions and have a full service electrical division.
Erin Kooger
Master Gardener, Landscape Designer, Plant Lover, Soil Steward