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About Us

Fiddler’s Green was started by Erin and her dog Luna in Victoria BC in 2006. When Erin met Thomas, the couple combined their complementary skills and knowledge to form an innovative powerhouse. From building homes with new technology like SIP panels to building up the soil with Mycorrhizal inoculants, they are constantly striving to bring you the best.

Putting roots down in the South Okanagan, they are busy building a great team of qualified professionals to offer you everything in-house. These multi-talented people are champions in their field and we’re so lucky to have them on board with us!

Our Team

Erin Kooger
Master Gardener, Landscape Designer, Plant Lover, Soil Steward
Thomas Juhasz
Project Manager, Problem Solver, Creative Ideas Maker
Lead carpenter, Positive energy emitter, First Nations proud
Our pipes guy, Plumber, Gas fitter, Irrigation
Heavy machinery digger, Hardscaping pro, Work ethic rock star