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Let's Grow Together

Building More Than Just Gardens

We offer installation services of all sorts from full project creations to tasteful additions to your existing garden. Our professional team has the skills and experience to turn your home into the paradise you want, and we can’t wait to help!

Our services include but are not limited to:

Patios, Paths & Plants

Increase your living space by bringing it outdoors. Any size space or budget will greatly benefit from adding these 3 key elements to your design. Keep in mind, the right plant for the right place is essential to the success of a garden.

Pools, Ponds & Water Features

A water feature of any kind in your landscape provides serenity and foster’s relaxation. It can also provide a water source or habitat for wildlife. And apparently, according to Feng Shui, running water brings wealth!

Arbours, Pergolas & Fireplaces

Create ambiance and a place to gather with a fire pit or fire bowl. Arbours and pergolas create entrances, height variations, privacy screening, and shelter from the elements.

Project Management

We oversee your project from start to finish. We work with you to develop a budget and schedule that meets your needs. Most of our services are inhouse, but we also coordinate any sub trades needed. Visit our sister company Built to a Tee to learn more about what we’re capable of! We work in concert with them to bring the vista of your imagination to life! You’re in good hands