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“The details are not the details. They are the design.”

-Charles Eames

The Design Process

1. Get started
We always offer a free initial consultation! We schedule a visit or a phone call where we can discuss your project parameters, our design process and fees, and briefly touch on our ecological approach as well. If all is well, do continue to step 2!
2. Moving ahead
Next, we schedule a more in-depth, onsite consultation, where we ask you questions, take measurements and observations, identify any challenges and start to put together our vision.
3. Concept Plan
Combining all the elements discussed and observed at our site visit, we create a concept plan. We then meet again to discuss the plan and make any necessary changes.
4. Final Plan
The plan is further refined, adding details such as a full planting plan with locations and quantities. We meet again to discuss and note any changes you’d like. We can repeat this step several times until you are happy with the result. This is where we end if we are to install this plan. However, if you’d like to tender it out to other landscape contractors or install it yourself, you may wish to continue to step 5.
5. Final Plan Plus
Even more details are added, creating a construction ready plan. This can be tendered out to other professionals or an instruction guide for DIYers.